All the Transformation Actors must share the same team spirit

Different profiles coexisting in the same team sometimes creates slight tensions.

The Baker is afraid to intervene in these conflicts.

We can be direct in the team relations provided that a good spirit reins to ensure the success of the project.

The sharing of a common Goal, transparency, respect of others, solidarity and pride to succeed together promote a good team spirit.

  1. A Transformation program is a series of problems

    Unlike the Operations, Transformation follows a broken line, each angle representing a new, unexpected problem that has to be overcome: we find out that the specifications are not complete, that a Transformer has been taken ill, that the last update of software tools did not run properly, that one team is behind compared to the others, that the performances obtained are disastrous, that the users do not like the usage of the new Solution...

    At each hurdle, we have to find a remedy. The leader's talent is not enough to solve everything; it is essential that the whole team sticks together and supports the program's success and is involved in seeking the appropriate solution.

  2. How to create solidarity in a Transformation team

    • A leader respected by his/her team
    • A shared Goal
    • A realistic schedule: there is nothing worse than setting the team up to fail from the outset of the Program
    • Celebrate each intermediary success without waiting for the end of the program
    • Congratulate in public, reproach in private
    • Live in the same premises and have lunch together: working from home avoids business trips, but harms the team spirit

  3. The boss' Role is vital

    In reality, there are two "bosses":

    • The Transformation sponsor: he/she defines the Goal, decides to launch the Transformation and allocates the budget, and appoints the Transformation project manager
    • The Transformation Project manager: he/she builds the target Model that answers the Goal and deploys it.

    The sponsor has a considerable role to play, not only in the decision-making, but also in the support that he/she gives to the Project over its duration, and in particular during the difficult phases. The sponsor is the one who will communicate to the Enterprise the why of the Transformation and who will encourage the project in the difficult phases.

    The project manager will create the culture within the team: if he/she works hard, is transparent, competent, enthusiastic and knows how to take care of his/her troops, then the team will follow him/her.

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