All Transformation Actors must share the same Transformation language

The Transformers are full of good will but don't understand each other.

The baker asks for help again.

All Transformation Actors must share the same Transformation language: program, projects, value, model, process, solution... are all concepts for which we have to share non-ambiguous definitions.

The Transformation language is accepted.

  1. A multidisciplinary transformation team must share the same Transformation language

    Each profession uses its own jargon: it is difficult for the other disciplines to really understand the strategists, marketing, legal experts, IT staff...
    As we want them to work together, they have to share the same language.

  2. A Glossary is proposed

    A glossary is proposed at the end of this work which can act as the basis for establishing a common language in each enterprise.


    • The terms selected must be comprehensible to all the Actors
    • The definitions should be short and extendable by Role
    • The terms in the glossary begin by a capital letter
    • No Service homonyms
      • Business-Service, IT-Service, Software-Service, by default mean Business-Service
      • Architecture: Architecture Model or Architecture Discipline, by default mean "Architecture Model"

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