Formalize and share the Goal

Plainly, not everything has been resolved.

The baker understands that creating a well-managed, multidisciplinary team is not enough.

To federate a team, they must share a common Goal.

The baker defines the Goal to reach.

  1. The Goal of the Transformation must be formalized

    It is surprising that the Goal of Transformations is rarely formalized: all Transformation projects generate a plethora of documents on the scheduling, budgets, teams, governance, specifications, test results..., but it is rare to find a short and precise document that defines the Goal to be reached.
    In most cases, it is because this goal is implicit and considered by everyone to be obvious. But the absence of this document generates a waste of energy: some will follow different and pointless pathways, simply because they have not understood the Goal.
    To make good decisions, the Actors should always refer back to the Goal that they are seeing to reach: in what way do the actions proposed help to reach the Goal?

  2. How to describe a Goal

    A Goal is described in 3 parts:

    1. The scope: which combines several dimensions, such as

    • geographic,
    • product line,
    • process domain

    2. The objectives and related indicators: the objectives can be gains in productivity, improvements in the quality of service, a new geographic territory, new Product launches, a change of Image... The indicators are generally quantifiable elements that will enable us to verify that the objectives have been reached.

    3. The constraints that we set to the project: timescale, budget, involvement of which teams...

  3. The Goal should be widely communicated

    So that all Actors in a Project make the right daily decisions, it is important to systematically refer to the Goal, which presupposes that each person has understood and remembered the Goal in order to properly align the Solution with this Goal. We therefore have to give a simple explanation (one page) and communicate it to everyone, for example by displaying it in all the Transformation teams' offices.
    Circulating the Goal is useful for the Transformation Actors, but it is also useful for the Operational Actors: the fact that everyone understands the objective that the Enterprise wants to reach helps the acceptance of the Transformation.

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