Merging cultures is difficult

But the elitist culture of the cake makers will struggle to merge with the popular culture of the bakery.

The cake makers look the bakers up and down and consider them as peasants: it annoys everyone! Instead of working, everyone speaks ill of each other.

Once the logic of the coming together has been explained, we have to quickly merge the teams, appointing managers according to their competence and not to ensure a balance between the 2 entities. A new culture appears in the new enterprise, resulting from the blend of cultures from both the merged enterprises.

The Baker defines his structure and identifies potential managers. He counts on the strengths of both enterprises that he marries.

Enterprises that operate on the same Market may have very different Cultures:

Even if the Products and the Processes are close, the merger can come up against different Cultures and lead to a rejection from one party or the other. It is not enough to harmonize the Models, we also have to adapt the Cultures.

In actual fact, the most efficient way of merging rapidly consists in defining the organization structure and appointing, from the outset, the new managers in order to act quickly.
It is the best way of setting the teams to work and avoiding that each person goes over, in his/her own corner, the chances that each manager has of being chosen to fill the positions of responsibility.

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