Mergers are one way of growing quickly

But some competitors are growing more quickly.

The Baker is a little discouraged by his competitors who imitate him and manage to grow more quickly than him.

External growth, through mergers/acquisitions, enables us to develop more quickly than with organic growth.

The baker informs himself about the merger opportunities with others.

There are only 2 ways of succeeding: either do better than the competitors (a better Offer or a better organization), or propose the same Offer at a better price.
In the second case, size enables us to achieve economies of scale at the same time as it allows for a better visibility, and inspires more confidence.

Growth can be organic: it is the success of the Enterprise on its Market that makes it grow gradually.

But some directors want to go more quickly: the solution then consists in partnering with colleagues or acquiring them, then merging the Enterprises to more quickly reach the critical size sought.

It is also one way of acquiring complementary Models:

An Enterprise merger considerably accelerates growth. But it is riskier than organic growth because it confronts two different Enterprise Models that will have to be brought closer together for us to truly benefit from the merger and not just be content with the addition of 2 operating accounts:

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