Help young entrepreneurs

The Baker finally has the means to make his dreams come true.

But he would also like to devote part of his energy and financial means to the common good.

The success of the baker who started with nothing has made him mature: he's learnt how to start and grow an enterprise. Why not help young entrepreneurs??

The Baker becomes a Business angel.

We can help Entrepreneurs financially, but we can also provide them with useful advice.
To reduce the failure rate in Enterprise start-ups, we can help the entrepreneur starting out.
The best coach is the one who has already successful started up an Enterprise, who has already gone through the challenges and who can, with his/her advice, save the novice entrepreneur time.
The same approach could be applied to large Enterprise Transformations: we should not hesitate to coach the project manager, so long as this coaching is carried out, again, by someone who has successfully managed large projects.

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