Selling one's enterprise

Potential purchasers come forward, something that happens frequently when an Enterprise is successful..

The baker is flattered, but confused.

It's up to each of us to decide whether we want to see our baby grow or head off towards pastures new.

After all the efforts he has made, the Baker decides that he's had enough, that it's time to please himself and give himself a new lease of life pursuing other initiatives.

  1. Why sell one's enterprise?

    Entrepreneurs like challenge, innovation and risk.
    They may want to sell their Enterprise when the Enterprise is going well: its Model is pertinent, growth is there, the results too.
    It is often the time when they want another adventure.

  2. How do we go about finding a buyer?

    This is one experience the entrepreneur does not have: it is better to get help from specialists who understand the Enterprise Model, know how to present it, know who the potentials buyers are and how to lead this type of negotiation.

  3. What do we do after selling?

    Carry on, but it is often for a limited time: it is difficult to stay in a larger structure with its own standards, its own Culture, when we were responsible for our enterprise.
    If the acquisition results in a merger with another, already existing entity at the buyer's, the challenge may interest the entrepreneur.
    They can also restart an activity or act as a business angel to help other entrepreneurs.

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